Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The British are coming ... and they're speaking only Spanish!

"I didn't know there were Hispanic British people."

That's what my son said when I told him him about this fascinating new project by BBC Mundo.

José Baig, a Hispanic affairs correspondent for BBC Mundo, and Carlos Ceresole, a video producer for the Spanish American section of BBC, have just set off on a two-week long trip across the United States with one simple goal in mind: to speak only Spanish during the entire trip.

Their route will begin in San Agustin, Florida and end in Los Angeles California. Along the way, they will be asking everyone they meet, "¿Hablas español?"

You can follow their journey by reading their highly entertaining and informative blog, and communicate with them via email (bbcmundohispano@gmail.com), Skype and Facebook.

I wish they were doing this two months from now, because I would definitely assign their blog – written entirely en español – as required reading for my college students this fall. In fact, I may still do that – especially since my emphasis is always on teaching Spanish through Latino culture and heritage in the US, and celebrating the people and resources we have here, instead of always treating Spanish as a "foreign" language.

In the meantime, I will be following their progress, and wishing them buen viaje y buena suerte ... and I hope you will, too!

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José said...

Gracias, Ruth. I hadn`t had time until today to check other blogs that are acompañando our trip. There will be a secod phase of the project. We are planning to call it ¿Tú también hablas español? or something like that. Gracias de nuevo.

José Baig