Saturday, April 05, 2008

Juanes vs. Chávez - the video game

What I love most about this is that not only is it a video game in which Juanes takes on Hugo Chávez to promote peace in Latin America ...

... but he does it with his guitar.

And when he "shoots" -- he is launching musical notes, not bullets.

It's not unusual for "joke" video games to come out (the infamous Zidane head-butt created lots of them), but they usually involve mucha sangre, even when the original incident didn't.

It's nice that in this game, the objective is "tranquilizar con la música". That is exactly what Juanes and his fellow artists sought to do with the Paz Sin Fronteras concert.

Kudos to InkaGames, which succeeds in being peace-promoting in a funny and timely way.

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