Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We're live!

Break out the champagne and celebrate a new birth ... Chispa Productions has a new website!!!

I am so excited with how it all came out!

The wonderful creative genius behind this exciting new site is none other than the Web Muse herself, Anita Larson. Boy, did she and her amazing team of designers have to be patient with me. We went back and forth on the logo, the borders, the colors ... everything! (Those little green dots in the border? That was an entire day's worth of discussion with my husband and just about everyone else I knew...)

And then there was the moment of panic today when I accidentally erased my entire home page ... But Anita saved the day, and we were back online within the hour.

So click right on over to Chispa to check out what all the excitement is about ... and find some great tips for teaching Spanish with sabor latino!

Now, about that champagne ...

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