Sunday, June 19, 2005

Los tres papacitos

Well, it is Father's Day, but that's not the kind of papacitos I'm talking about....

If my scanner were working, and/or if it were easier to post pictures or weblinks onto Blogger (I hope they fix that soon!), you would be looking at a photo right now of Chayanne, Alejandro Fernandez and Marc Anthony, who have joined together for a tour across the US this summer. Pop, ranchera and salsa, all in the mix. More and more, Latino artists are working together and blending their styles and genres. It is only a step or two behind what is already happening in this country, in the radio stations and on the streets, in schools and in homes. Television seems even more behind, but it will soon catch up, too.... perhaps with the help of my videos!

Otros tres papacitos are my favorite band, Los Lonely Boys, whom I had el gusto to see in concert on Wednesday night. They were the opening act for Santana, but I have to say, I really went to see them. Talk about papacitos, they have talent and style and just seem like all-around down-home guys to boot. My dream is to see them in a much smaller venue .... but it was exciting to see them in Madison Square Garden playing alongside Santana. I can only imagine how cool that was for them.

Carlos Santana, of course, played beautifully, but my favorite part of his time on stage was when he spoke to the audience about "looking for that place deep down inside you where your light lives." "When you hang out with your light," he said, "great things happen." Beautifully put, and beautifully true.

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