Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Las tres mamacitas

Las tres mamacitas Posted by Hello

My Three Muthas partners -- Martha and Nikki -- and I just launched our line of T-shirts for moms -- they're fun and funky shirts that say it all so moms don't have to.... Go to your room, Because I said so, What's the magic word, I need a time out..... A favorite at our first big sale this past weekend was the simple, yet universal, help....

We plan to add a Spanish line (What's Three Muthas in Spanish? las tres mamitas? las tres mamacitas?) and are looking for similar sayings that Spanish-speaking mamás always say to their kids. I've started an informal poll, and here are some of the suggestions we've gotten so far...

Pregúntale a tu papá

Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres

¡Cierra la boca!

¡cierra la puerta!


¡¡¡Ven acá ahorita!!!

¡Te amo! ¡Te Quiero! ¡Bechito!!

¿De quien es ese culito? ¡¡de Mami!!



¿Te cepillaste los dientes?

¿Estás sordo? ¿Como que hablo chino?

¡dije que no!

¡ya basta!


¡puchica vos! (new to me, but apparently what my Salvadoran friend's mom said all the time!)

If you have any great ideas, either for an English or Spanish camiseta, please pass them along -- if your idea is new to us, and we make it into a t-shirt, we'll send you the shirt for free!

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